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Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child and adolescent therapy can help elementary, middle school and high school age youth address their own individual concerns, offering therapeutic support when children feel burdened by peer problems, family conflicts, the pressures of school, or are dealing with other concerns common to youth. Whether for parent-child conflicts, concerns about depression or anxiety, relational problems, or a wide variety of other issues, child and adolescent therapy can help youth in better understanding their situation and in making changes to better cope and heal.

  • Child & Adolescent Therapy can involve just the youth, a parent or primary caregiver, or other family members as well.

  • Child Therapy can address a wide variety of concerns, from behavior problems, relational conflicts to mood issues like depression or anxiety.


Counseling services for children and and asolescents are for ages 8-18. 

Youth Therapy Concerns


Adolescent & Teen Issues
Anger Management
Blended Family
Death & Loss
Divorce Care
Family Conflict
Parenting Styles
Parent & Child Conflict 

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