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Family Counseling

Family therapy helps parents, children and even multi-generational or extended family members address conflicts, tragedies, crises and other significant concerns, providing counseling and support when they feel overwhelmed by their situation and have difficulty obtaining a productive perspective. By encouraging participants to become better aware of themselves, more in tune with their manner of addressing concerns and how their approach may or may not be useful to the situation, Key Counseling assists families in making useful changes. A Key Counseling therapist may ask all or several members of a family to participate in counseling, and family members always have input on who attends appointments, the process, and the anticipated outcomes of family counseling.


Family therapy, while a challenging and dynamic process that requires the willingness of all participants to take risks, can lead to creative and successful solutions specific to a family. Resolving conflicts, exhibiting mutual respect, increasing trust in one another, and speaking honestly and openly with family members are key elements that can improve family functioning.


Family Therapy Concerns


Adolescent & Teen Issues
Anger Management
Blended Family
Death & Loss
Divorce Care
Family Conflict
Parenting Styles
Parent & Child Conflict 

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